And Pash

And Pash

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And Pash is a breakthrough company that stands for: Passion, Swarm and Love, The company was founded by Anna Spånberg.

And Pash has not been created primarily for profit, the brand want to explore artistry and generate maximum outflow for creativity and passion for design.

And Pash does not follow trends, but creates them with you as a customer.
And Pash challenges the boundary between what is fashion and art.

– I saw that there was a shortage in Sweden as few companies offer exclusive craft with soul. A need I want to fill.

Inspiration is often taken from the countryside in the forest which can be seen as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.  And Pash want to make a meeting with urban and ruralization.
The products can be used by both people in the countryside and also by people living in the city.

In the latest project, And Pash developed a silver ring inspired by nature and fly fishing- Where three crafts are combined with design, wrought and fly-binding. You can find it at the fair. Hope you will enjoy it!


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