Lithium Boat Solution

Lithium Boat Solution

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OPA Energy AB is a company based in Boxholm (Östergötland, Sweden) and our core activity is assembling tailored-made lithium ion batteries, assembled here in Sweden. We are especially designing batteries for boats (trolling motors, fishfinders …) but we are providing energy solutions for a wide range of activities. Each customer has different needs and we are assembling and creating the ideal battery for the customer’s boat. We have been developing these batteries for the past 3 years. Many people who own small boats and a powerful lighter than lead-acid batteries. Lithium ion batteries answer to an increasing demand in the sport fishing market but also in outdoor activities.

The specifics of our products are:

–  Custom-assembled  lithium batteries in Sweden, brand name  Lithium Boat Solution (LBS) ,

– Only  for op-fire lithium element such  as Panasonic, LG Chem, Sony Murata …

– Our batteries are  waterproof and floatable , so they will not fall into the water and with their specific case, the environment will stay protected,

–  Safety : protected in a waterproof and shockproof specific case, with a decompression valve and a specific electronic management system integrated,

–  Highly technical engineered  products. We are able to create a single 24v or 36v battery to power a 24v or 36v motor and 12v fish finder (s) with the same battery, a single 24v battery to power a front 12v motor and a back 24v. So the batteries are custom made, on demand, regarding the technical specifications and the need of the customer (voltage, capacity, 1 or more fishfinders, other electronics as sound (music), LED, pumps … USB output (s) for phone or 12V outlets, solar panel recharging ….)

We have the batteries for a full electric boat that is actually in France see

Full electric 2.2KW 24V motor with 7 kWh batteries

The 24V batteries also have a 12V output for all the 12V on board and also to power a front 55 lbs 12V motor